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June – Article of Interest

Annoyed that the initial draft of this has been lost after definitely being saved last night and then again this morning a power-cut and lost changes again… anyway I hope this is some of what I saved this month. Random … Continue reading

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Oral Allergy Syndrome

My recent interest in learning more about allergies and related conditions has led me to some favourite topics.  In my top three is cross-reactivity of allergens, it interests me as most mainstream media talk about allergy in the singular, but … Continue reading

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E-Petitions and Awareness Campaigns

Yesterday I went to my niece’s birthday party and met one of my sister’s friends and neighbour, he was a nice guy with a young daughter of 4.  She had not been well this last month and had been to … Continue reading

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The Allergic March

When our daughter Anya, was first diagnosed with CMPA (cow’s milk protein allergy) and eczema at 6 months old we were advised by our doctor, allergist and dietician that most children grow out of their allergies and eczema by the … Continue reading

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