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September – Articles of Interest

This is a late one again, but lots of interesting stuff this month, wheat allergy, apple allergy, making hypo-allergenic rice, fish allergy, ffge for Eosinophilic esophagitis, peanut allergy and siblings and allergy acquired through transplant. Full Evaluation of IgE Sensitization … Continue reading

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July – Articles of Interest

Another month has flown by and we have been very busy with hayfever, allergy problems and terrible eczema flares – roll on September! This month’s articles of interest are… Abstracts Only Association between egg and staphylococcal superantigen IgE sensitizations in … Continue reading

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February – Articles of Interest

Trying to read more papers on asthma and eczema this month and not focus solely on food allergies.  Lots of papers on allergy diagnosis this month! Abstract Only Update: molecular diagnostics of allergies to vegetables and fruits, February 2014, Allergo … Continue reading

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Yet Another Accident, Skin Prick Tests and Unexpected Progress

This week we visited Birmingham Children’s Hospital to have our yearly allergy discussion and skin prick tests (SPTs) with the allergy nurse.  I was pretty certain Anya has NOT grown out of her dairy allergy as she had a pretty bad … Continue reading

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Egg Allergy and the Influenza Nasal Spray (UK)

I had a phone call last week from my doctors surgery last week offering my three year old daughter the flu nasal spray.  I had recently read allergybabe’s blog, advising that the new spray contained egg, so I asked the … Continue reading

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CAN Research – Anaphylaxis Mini Poll

Just thought I would share with you the results from the CAN Research Group last week. We had another Mini Facebook Poll while the first big survey was having minor adjustments made.  Here is what we found on the subject … Continue reading

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Allergy Research Group

I have been writing a piece on histamines for nearly a month now, it is to the point where another half hour and I will be done, but I have lost interest now that all the research is done.  So … Continue reading

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