About Us

I live in Birmingham, UK, with my boyfriend and two daughters.

My eldest daughter A was diagnosed with eczema and food allergies (dairy and egg) at six months old which at the age of three had progressed to hayfever and asthma as well.

When she was six months old doctors told us she would grow out of her allergies by the time she was two, but she didn’t.

When she was seven further blood tests showed quite severe pollen allergies, cat dander, dust mites and a pineapple allergy as a mystery bonus!

The first two posts I wrote, ‘Non IgE Mediated Allergies’ and ‘The Allergic March’ were for the CAN website (which is now no more) and were meant to give more in depth advice for families like us. I don’t want to ‘dumb down’ this information as I think the NHS already does that and leaves gaps in our knowledge.

I have a degree in Biology, but always avoided immunology, which now I see would have come in handy!  I have an interest in cross reactivity of allergens, what people consider to be unusual allergies, parasitology and anything normal people find disgusting.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. raibaker says:

    Hey there,
    Great blog – I shall be sending folks to you!

    My son has had multiple food allergies for his whole life – he is ten, gone into anaphylactic shock 4 times and we are finally getting help! Whereas our local hospital would only test for things he’d gone into anaphylaxis from, the Royal Free tested him for 26 different allergens…the weirdest one was silver birch pollen as he does not get hay fever! He got 16 in the skin prick test – madness – but there are 29 allergens in this invisible pollen where the proteins are very similar to different food proteins – like apple, soya… this is the best paper I found on silver birch pollen and cross-sensitivity if it interests you. http://www.phadia.com/en/Products/Allergy-testing-products/ImmunoCAP-Allergen-Information/Tree-Pollens/Allergens/Common-silver-birch-/

    Tomorrow we are seeing the consultant so I will hopefully learn a little more about what this all means for my son. Information is definitely empowering, especially in this very scary world of anaphylaxis – the more we know and understand the less scary it becomes.

    Peace to you and yours,

  2. pinkiebag says:

    Great blog, interesting read, thanks for following my blog.

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