Unusual Allergies – Honey

Last week we were down in Devon and had the pleasure of visiting Quince Honey Farm in Devon, which is a strange combination of honey museum, live bee hive exhibits (which were my favourite) and a soft play centre for the children (which is the main reason we paid a visit).

20150726_121008 (1)

I have a friend who is allergic to honey (and bee venom) and a work colleague keeps bees, so this type of allergy has really piqued my interest this week.

Allergy to honey is relatively uncommon, but has been known to cause anaphylaxis.  It is thought that the cause of the allergic reaction is either from remnants of the bee in the honey or from minute traces of pollen.

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2 Responses to Unusual Allergies – Honey

  1. Thank you so much for this informative website. I’m particularly interested in nut allergies and have done several posts on my NutGourmet website–also on WordPress. I’ll be checking into this site frequently.

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