Are Acid Meds Behind The Rise In Allergy?

Have previously discussed in my online groups for those with allergic chuldren trying for a second child to avoid antacids to reduce the chances of allergy.

Also, “Anti-acid medication as a risk factor for food allergy, 2010”

Purehealth Clinic

This is a great piece which goes some way to explaining why I am always wittering on about low stomach acid. It’s making the point that suppressing stomach acid leads to poorer digestion and to larger protein fragments in the gut, which all leads to a higher allergy risk. Interesting. In fact, most people on antacid medication in my clinical experience have the opposite problem. It’s confusing because low stomach acid can often look symptomatically exactly the same as high stomach acid. Always worth checking.

Stomach Acid 3DRead the factsheet on hypochlorydia/low stomach acid here for more info. And here’s the piece for you:

Why Is the Incidence of Food Allergies Rising in Both Adults and Children?

 Immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated food allergies–the allergies that can cause anaphylaxis–have historically been relatively rare. In the past, they typically were seen in children, who tend to outgrow them by adulthood. Recently, however, the incidence of…

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