CAN Research Group – Influenza Vaccination and Allergy Links

Last month the CAN Research Group looked into possible links between being vaccinated in pregnancy and the development of food allergies.  Here is a brief summary of what we found.

“We received 33 completed surveys which described 33 mothers and their 41 children and their allergic status.

Of the 33 mother surveyed

28 mothers (84%) were from the United Kingdom, 4 from USA and 1 from Australia

22 (67%) were vaccinated against influenza at least once and 11 (33%) have never been vaccinated against the disease.

28 (84%) of the mothers had children with allergies

For those parents that had been vaccinated, they were asked an additional 4 questions.

We found that 55% of the mothers were vaccinated in pregnancy.

With regards to adverse effects after administration of the vaccine 58% reported that they had suffered from no noticeable effects, 37% had a mild reaction to the vaccine and 5% (which represents only 1 mother) had a severe reaction.

100% of those that had never been vaccinated had children with allergies.

Of the normal children, 20% of mothers were vaccinated in pregnancy and of the allergic children, this jumped to 29%.


It is not considered to be significant that the mothers not vaccinated against influenza had children with allergies due to the nature of the CAN Research Group, with the majority of the members being recruited from the main CAN Facebook group.  With such a small scale study we cannot conclude that vaccination in pregnancy increases the incidence of allergy in the child, but this is an interesting topic which may warrant further investigation with a larger group of respondents and a narrower set of variables.”

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