Alpro: Save our Soya Campaign

In support of the Alpro: Save our Soya Campaign I have uploaded the following to the Alpro Facebook Page

“I am writing to express my dismay at the decision by Alpro to stop manufacturing Alpro soya products in a nut free facility and to add a nut trace warning label to all products.

The inclusion of a nut trace warning will mean that for many families managing a nut allergy your products will now be off limits. This decision will have a hugely detrimental impact upon allergic children and their families, not least in respect of their nutrition.

There are 21 million people in the UK who suffer from allergies and of these just under half have multiple allergies, this is the group that you are alienating with your proposed changes.

In American studies, 38% of food allergic children suffered severe reactions.  Many with severe allergies cannot consume products which are produced in factories which also handle the allergen they avoid.

Nurseries and schools operating a nut free policy often also ban items with nut trace warning labels, which will prevent many children (nut allergic or not) from eating Alpro products.

Please reconsider your decision and continue to make nut free soya products. This could be done either by maintaining your separate factories or alternatively by employing strict cross contamination procedures, including independent batch testing.

If this affects you and you wish to complain you can visit Alpro on Facebook at and comment.  You can also join the Facebook Group Alpro: Save our Soya at where there is a template complaint.

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