EAACI Campaign

Shared from the European Acadamy of Allergy and Clinical Immunoloigy (EAACI) website

“Allergic diseases affect over 150 million Europeans, of whom some are affected by severe, debilitating diseases, but these are neglected as a public health concern.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) now have an opportunity to call on the European Commission and EU Member States to take action by signing a Written Declaration on Recognising the Burden of Allergic Disease, which opened for signatures in October 21st 2013 and will remain open until January 21 2014.

Allergies are commonly perceived as trivial, but they can lead to lost work days, poorer academic performance and restricted social interaction due the symptoms and the need to avoid certain allergens. In addition, allergies trigger 80% of all cases of asthma, which is the most common cause of emergency room visits by children. Food allergies can be life-threatening in the worst cases.

The proposed Written Declaration, put forward by eleven MEPs from a cross-section of political groups, calls for the implementation of national programmes, better medical training and more scientific research to achieve a better management of the disease, in order to limit its evolution and cost to society. “

To read more about the campaign and download the written declaration to send to your MEP please visit http://www.eaaci.org/activities/written-declaration-on-allergies.html

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