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Rush Desensitisation for Food Allergies

This is a rush job pooling together some resources on rush desensitisation (or desensitization if you are in the USA). If you are unsure what this is, it is one of the types of immunotherapy for allergies.  It was initially … Continue reading

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When you get THAT phone call

Yesterday was the day that we got THAT phone call, the one that all allergy parents dread, the one to tell you that your child has had an allergic reaction. It was lunchtime and I was at work, I was … Continue reading

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iLabs: Twins & Allergies

Originally posted on NC Museum of Natural Sciences Education Blog:
We had a visitor pose a very good question today in our lab.  She and her child were doing the table activity to determine which of two twins has a…

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Itch, swell, ooze and wheeze now on Facebook

An exciting weekend for me, I have transferred all the allergy articles over to a Facebook page, like me for updates if you don’t have a WordPress account.

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Milk Alternatives – Hemp Milk

Just a short addendum to my Milk Alternatives for Children Post. Hemp milk, how could I forget Hemp milk?  It has become increasingly popular here in the UK with most big supermarkets selling it now. How does Hemp Milk compare to … Continue reading

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