CAN Research – Anaphylaxis Mini Poll

Just thought I would share with you the results from the CAN Research Group last week.

We had another Mini Facebook Poll while the first big survey was having minor adjustments made.  Here is what we found on the subject of anaphylaxis.

There were a total of 45 responses to our mini Facebook poll on Anaphylactic reactions. 5 were from our control group, whose children do not have allergies.

From the 40 allergy parents/carers 16 have had to to take their children to hospital for anaphylactic reactions (it was not specified if this was for food allergies or other triggers), and half of these parents had been on more than one occasion

From the remaining parents whose children were lucky enough not to have these severe reactions 14 had still taken their child to A&E for other severe symptoms relating to allergies. An additional 2 had commented that perhaps in hindsight they should have gone, but the symptoms were managed at home (in one case with supervision by paramedics). This leaves a small group of just 10 parents who had never had to take their child to A&E for either anaphylaxis or for other severe symptoms (1 of which has had to take her child since the poll closed).

77% of the respondents children have had such severe allergic symptoms they have had to take their child to A&E, with 40% suffering from an anaphylactic reaction on more than once occasion.

This was a small group of respondents, and probably skewed to those with more severe allergies due to the nature of CAN, so may not reflect accurately parents with allergic children.

Nevertheless this is a much higher percentage than we expected, both of hospital admissions for severe allergic symptoms and for those actually suffering from anaphylaxis.

The severity of symptoms in these children is probably masked by excellent management of their diet, environment and allergies. It would be interesting to review and extend this mini poll with a view to seeing if the severe symptoms or anaphylaxis which led to hospitalisation were linked to the first appearance and/ or diagnosis of their allergies.

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