August – Articles of Interest

A long month and I have been reading plenty, the reading list is very Guardian and BBC heavy, I hope something here tickles your fancy!

Mystery of the vanishing gun inventor

Pregnant in the lab: how does child-bearing affect a science career?

Lend with Care offers helping hand to world’s poorer entrepreneurs

Is upsalite really the wonder stuff?

Which? attacks ‘exaggerated’ food supplement health claims

Turning the tables on cold callers – genius!

Margaret Atwood Interview, I love her writing, so unexpected!

Charity donations: how safe are the online portals?

The British Public are wrong about everything (don’t I know it)

Dean Karnazes: the man who can run for ever

Not an article, but thought I would share, as a big stats lover this site is amazing

My obsession with fluoride in our water starts…

An oldie on the same topic, fluoride, love Ben Goldacre’s writing.

A history of beards in the workplace, who doesn’t love beards?

FDA  – 187 Fake Cancer cures to avoid

Johns Hopkins Researchers Reveal Genetic Glitch at the Root of Allergies

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