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Milk Alternatives for Children

I always thought that soya milk was the only alternative for young children with allergies and until a couple of years ago I didn’t even realise that many children were actually allergic to soya (and that this is common in … Continue reading

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My Refluxer – Guest Post

This is a guest post, by friend and fellow CAN member, Ursula Easton-Pool My Refluxer My son is here, C-sec as breech, His cot is close, within my reach. All goes well, he just won’t sleep, The fussy feeds, arching … Continue reading

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CAN Research – Anaphylaxis Mini Poll

Just thought I would share with you the results from the CAN Research Group last week. We had another Mini Facebook Poll while the first big survey was having minor adjustments made.  Here is what we found on the subject … Continue reading

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The Soya for Babies Debate

The debate rages on and on for us over at the CAN (Children’s Allergy Network) Facebook group.  Soya, is it good for our children?  Will it have long term effects on their reproductive health? The main problems are 1) there are … Continue reading

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August – Articles of Interest

A long month and I have been reading plenty, the reading list is very Guardian and BBC heavy, I hope something here tickles your fancy! Mystery of the vanishing gun inventor Pregnant in the lab: how does child-bearing affect … Continue reading

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Allergy Research Group

I have been writing a piece on histamines for nearly a month now, it is to the point where another half hour and I will be done, but I have lost interest now that all the research is done.  So … Continue reading

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July – General Articles of Interest

I have had another very busy month, so haven’t been reading as much as usual, but here is what I have found interesting.   Congo Paralympians who feared for their lives thank UK for granting them asylum MMR jab … Continue reading

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