[Update] Asthma UK Campaign


Here is the first bit of feedback on the Asthma UK Campaign which I joined,  above is a letter from my MP, who just happens to be lovely, Lorely Burt.

The e-mail from Asthma UK in relation to the Campaign stated:

“As you know, on Wednesday 3 July, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Respiratory Health met for the first time to start their investigation into why so many people in the UK are still dying from lung conditions such as asthma.

Thanks so much for asking your MP to attend the meeting and join the group. We had a brilliant response, 802 emails were sent and lots of MPs got in touch with us for the first time to offer their support. Thanks also to those of you who sent us the responses you got from your MPs, we found them really helpful.

On the day, 17 MPs and 2 peers attended the meeting and we now have 34 new members of the group, bringing us to a total of 60 Members! The MPs who attended said they thought the issue was really important and are committed to take action on respiratory health in Parliament.

At the meeting, MPs and Peers heard speeches from Professor Richard Hubbard, who talked about the causes and effects of respiratory diseases; Stacian Gilbert, who shared her experience of living with severe asthma and Asthma UK’s Dr Samantha Walker who talked about why it’s important for decision makers in the Government and NHS to work together to reduce respiratory deaths.”

For more information see http://www.asthma.org.uk/campaign

Onwards and upwards to the next, the NASGUK campaign, see here.

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